Different country. Different beach. No sand!

Despite having had a couple of feeble attempts to restart this blog, I’m now more than ready to really go forwards!

I’ve swapped the hot and sandy beach in Egypt for the cooler – currently in January it could be described as freezingly cold! – stony beach of southern England.  It has been a very good relocation and I’m in such a happy frame of mind that I’ve started painting again.  Here’s an example …………


So – if you would like to see more of me, my work and my life, follow me at my new blog – Pebbles Beneath My Feet

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Before we came to live at the beach, my idea of heaven was lying under a shady umbrella somewhere hot and sunny, listening to waves lapping on the shore, doing absolutely nothing apart from raising a glass of something icy cold to my lips.

So for the past 14 years I’ve been able to do just that for 8 months of the year but – though I hate to admit it – it bores the pants off me now!

Which is how I began walking on the tide-line, thinking how chalky and insipid the pebbles looked as soon as they dried out and wondered if they had a coat of varnish added to them, it might preserve their hues.

A particularly gorgeous one had a blob of tar on it,  so I decided to cover it with an ink doodle – and I had a eureka moment!   Next day I took my pen and was happily amused all day as other pebbles received a glamorising treatment and over the course of the summer I’ve been churning them out.   They’re great to have ready as gifts too and I write my friend’s name and the occasion on the bottom to personalise it.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I came across Zentangles on the net – so very similar to these but on paper.  Google Zentangles and you’ll see some amazing designs and clips on YouTube of clever folks creating them.

Just goes to show that there’s nothing new under the sun!

Even under my umbrella…ella…ella!

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